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Welcome to Hartley Insurance Agency Inc.

Disaster always strikes when you least expect it. A car accident will not just damage your treasured possession but also your wallet if you don’t have the coverage for expensive repairs. An illness or a serious injury can drain your bank account if you don’t have the perfect health plan that will allow you to recover without worrying about the medical bills.

Secure Your Future with Us

Hartley Insurance Agency Inc. provides affordable insurance coverage to individuals and businesses of West Virginia. We are here to secure and protect your future when the going gets tough.

Our independent agency represents many leading insurance providers including Progressive, Allstate, and Westfield Group to offer you a wide range of products within your budget. From auto and home insurance to life and health insurance, our  agents will match you with the best policy to meet your
specific needs.

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List of Agents:

Business & Commercial Lines
Jeff Hartley
Pam Albright
Property & Casualty
Christopher Hartley
Becky Bernatowicz
Lacinda Wiles
Health & Life              
Jeff Hartley